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Belu-Simion Fainaru
Creation's Details

Title: Betrothal in God’s Image
Year: 2006
Dimensions: 122x240 cm.
Material: Wood, neon lights



“Betrothal in God’s Image” offers visual expression to the name of God, an infinite unseen concept that according to Jewish tradition is not to be described in concrete terms. This is the concept of the unique individual, the One that cannot be divided.
The name Y. H. V. H. is composed of the four letters that form the name of God.
The letters are arranged vertically so that the figure of the body of man is created. The organs of this figure – head, body, hands and feet – are composed of eight parts, eight illuminated neon parts.
The number 8 in Judaism reminds us of the brit mila (circumcision) which the male infant undergoes eight days after birth, by divine command. (Genesis 17:9-17). The circumcision signifies the creation of unity and an eternal covenant between God and the people of Israel.
In gematriya, the number eight is the letter “chet” which is in the shape of the chuppah (wedding canopy) that unites the couple in the marriage ceremony (it is also the first letter of the word chuppah).
The work refers to a story in the Zohar (Intro:8:1) and deals with Shavuot night – the festival of God’s giving of the Torah which is also the betrothal of God with Knesset Israel:
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his students were busy the whole night learning Torah; it is explained that bnei heichal hacala - the kabbalists and the scholars must be with the bride (the Torah) the whole night before the chuppah, to make her happy and to rejoice with her.



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