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Gary Goldstein
Creation's Details
Title: "Hals"
Year: 2005
Series of 74 drawings comprising one work
Dimensions: 30x21 cm.                                                             Material: Ink, Tipp-Ex, stickers on pages of book



I created this work on the remains of a preexisting entity, on the pages of a book about a long-dead artist. The work is comprised of a series of 74 drawings on the black and white reproductions of the original book. The feeling is one of darkness, a kind of film-noir. The series involves a reverential act of destruction, yet an act of destruction nonetheless. The work is a personal archeology, layer upon layer of meaning and association.
Beaming from the darkness are spotlights of blinding light, highlighting figures in silhouette. One figure, two or more figures engaged in acts of instruction. They are based on images from children’s books from the 1960s from both Israel and the US. Below, at the bottom of the reproductions flash portions from the Psalms, such as: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.
It is necessary to stress the serial nature of the work. The figures all exist as part of a group. They all coexist on the remains of the past. There is no distinction between past and present; between the dead and the living. One exists simultaneously with the other. One reflects upon and influences the other. It is impossible to understand one without considering the other. Individuals exist as individuals, yet their existence is also part of a group existence, its history and its hopes.

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