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Inbal Lizorik
Creation's Details
Title: "Between Holiness and the Mundane"
Year: 2005
Materials: Nirosta
Diemsions: "Kiddush cup"- 8.5x6.5x6.5 cm.; "Shabbat candlesticks"- 5x5x4 cm.; "challah knife"-12x2x0. cm.

Between the sacred and the secular - a Shabbat set

The following objects were designed while inquiring into the relationship between the holiness, piety and beauty that burst into our homes on Shabbat, and the everyday objects that humbly serve us during the week.
During the design process the following questions were examined: What is the dialogue between the sacred and the secular? Do religious objects receive their power from being mission-related or does their actual use provide the status of purity and therefore liberate them from the burden of shapes, costs and materials?
I aimed to explore: Does Judaism have the ability to lead to a pure creation, with characteristic sanctity, within a well-known product? I tried to implement a new, refreshing approach in the design of Judaica, by combining a new Israeli-social aspect that examines realistic-political influences on the look and function of domestic religious objects.

Sacred and secular: "The I and the We"

I focused on the three essential components of the Kiddush set: candlesticks, challah and wine. I designed a set of items that do not have authority as single objects, since they are non-functional. However when combined with other objects, the "whole" has more validity, legality and force than each object alone.
The valueless products raise the non-religious objects to a temporary holiness.
The unity is so strong that one cannot tell whether the everyday rests on the festive, or whether the religious is supported by the non-observant.

The three-piece set includes:
 A wine glass "leg" with a suction cup, which can attach itself to every cup, mug or glass, producing amusing combinations of a contemporary Kiddush cup.
 A universal "plug" with a wick that fits on oil bottles, transforming them into halakhic candlesticks.
 "A blade" connects to the well-known craft knife, from which a unique challah knife is born.

Every combination is a one-time occurrence, and allows for unlimited possibilities.

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