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Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman
Creation's Details
Title: Menorah
Year: 2006
Dimensions: 50x30x4.5 cm.                                                          Material: metal, acrylic



As designers we approach the world of Judaica with great interest; a world in which the material and the spirit are inseparable. We enjoy the complete merging of the simple explanation and the homiletic interpretation of every object.
The Menorah contains symbols and meanings from the period of the First Temple. Some interpretations associate the Menorah with the unity of Israel. Its construction and its very existence as one unit are illustrative of this unity.
We are impressed with the role of the Menorah in contemporary times, as a symbol of the state of Israel, on coins, as a symbol of organizations and association, representing revival and the integration of exiles, embracing Jewish people from different places under its light.
We created a Menorah from a solid body with seven floating candlesticks.
The solid body with its clean shape encloses complexity and diversity.
The different candlesticks, from different times and places, are integrated in a transparent but perceived medium.
We have created this work as an expression of our concept of the spiritual and physical world of this year’s subject. We hope that the multiplicity of contexts will encourage each viewer’s own interpretation to fit with his way of life.
From our point of view, each of the components can have several interpretations.
The candlesticks can represent a soul, a group, a commandment, a blessing, a story or a memory.
The clear surroundings, almost unseen but very well-perceived, can represent the Jewish nation, family, faith, tradition, love or brotherhood.
Although the interpretations are different, they all express the theme "One and Together."

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