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Jack Jano
Creation's Details
Title: Lech Lecha
Year: 2001
Dimensions: 100x50x250 cm.



Artistic involvement creates the connection between the “I” in the four walls of the studio and Judaism as symbolized in our sages’ words. This is the movement of doing and thinking toward the experience of the sacred truth, toward what is created from nothing. As a Jewish artist in Israel, I feel a connection between the Judaism of our sages and the sculpture; it is as though the sages’ words melt into the creation, united in the renewal in creation, and the sages who are saying, “Do not trust yourself until your day of death” and they become one. The borders of sanctity are one totality. The sculpture of wheels radiates a feeling of movement expressed in the idea of “Lekh Lekha” (“Go forth. . .” [Genesis 12]); the books tied to the wheels symbolize sacred information. Everything is pulling in the direction of the earth as though Judaism is remarking on something important and sacred: in a place where it seems as though there is nothing, Judaism and art extend their hands to each other to build a bridge that will lead you to a new place, a being created from nothing.


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