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Maayan Agmon Kehati
Creation's Details
Title: The Crush
Year: 2001
Dimensions: 13x18cm
Material: Brass, gold-covered, a citrus leaf




Maimonides attributes the use of spices at the end of the Sabbath to the “soul grieving at the departure of the Sabbath and so we gladden and revive it with good scents.” Thinking of the Sabbath as a whole in contrast to everyday (secular) fragmentation is the basis of the central image in my work.
This work deals with time, and with those moments that serve as internal boundaries within the flow of experience. Using the freshly crushed leaf illustrates provisional time. The act of crushing is a primary experience of producing fragrance. The crushing contains a ceremonial and meditative dimension of concentration. Scent - lacking form and color - seems to me like a soul, a spiritual entity. The ceremony of the havdala (at the end of the Sabbath) softens the sharp transition from sanctified time, the Sabbath, to the days of the week. The written medium is also an attempt to expand the boundaries of time, beyond its temporary characteristics and to nevertheless leave a mark. Just as the scent in the ceremony is meant to be a source of encouragement for the soul, I searched for similar comfort in the written text. The story of Jacob, who worked for Rachel for seven years, and “it seemed to him just a few days” and the significance of time, touch the essence of the thoughts and sensations connected with transitions, differences, changes and especially with the expectation for good that are the elements composing the life of man.


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