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Natalie Kertesz & Zeev Maor
Creation's Details
Title: Yamam/Yimalem
Year: 2001
Dimensions: H: 13cm, W: 298cm
Material: 12 color photographs 10x13 cm each


“The Borders of Sanctity” is a topic suffused with an inner tension which often brings up questions of conceptualization. After all, it is possible to state that sanctity by its very nature cannot be placed within any boundaries and therefore defies definition. It is also possible to view sanctity as something that is beyond our ability to understand or express in words, free of the boundaries of the everyday, the physical, and the standard.
In the beginning, the spirit of God entered the existing emptiness to determine boundaries and set apart light from darkness, day from night, the sanctified from the secular, and to separate the waters. The work, “Yamam Yimalem” (The seas will fill them) represents an attempt to establish (or uncover) a language that reaches out toward sanctity in places where borders already exist, separating one type of substance from its accompanying parallel, in places where the border respects the emptiness and gives meaning to the miraculous order which is greater than the observer. It is precisely at the point where one thing borders on another, and isolates substance from substance, exactly at the spot where shapes begin to take on presence and significance; that is where sanctity can reveal itself to those yearning for it.
The work we created does not try to present itself as a lofty experience, but rather senses its way downward, to the small stones from which we build the language of experience, to those basic, nuclear letters that delineate the lines unifying and capturing the contrast between that which moves and that which is stationary, what is permanent and what is transient, the physical and the metaphysical. The attempt to view sanctity makes us see ever more clearly the limitations of language, and necessitates deciphering the combination of letters which form a language that connects the phenomenon to the observer. A code of language existed before the act of creation, and when we understand that miraculous code we both create and go beyond a border. The name of our work, “Yamam Yimalem” (the seas will fill them), is seemingly obscure, a buffer between the work itself and the viewer (and represents one possible combination out of endless possible combinations), whereas a different composite of those very same letters can be interpreted to create the words “… Vayehi mavdil bein mayim lemayim (that it may separate water from water)” - (Genesis 1:6). Our series of photographs aims to form a type of topography of the randomness of borders, the hidden codes of letters, wherein the viewer’s readiness to scrutinize and break open the codes may well lead him to the experience of sanctity, which reveals itself in all its earthly aspects.

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