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Hadar Maor-Degani
Creation's Details
Title: Romeo and Juliet 1 – A Tribute for Jeff Koons
Year: 1999
Dimensions: 25x25x8cm
Material: Bronze



My work exists on the seam between the sacred and the secular. The sacred is represented in candlesticks; the Sabbath candlesticks used in the candle-lighting ceremony on the Sabbath which become a symbol of the connection between man and divinity, the spirit in the most “clean” and direct sense. The secular is expressed in the images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse who are a secular, earthy, everyday model. The title of the work connects between the sacred and the secular/weekday through heavenly, total and physical love – love as an abstract spiritual value, and simultaneously as an expression of desire and drive – the myth of Romeo and Juliet.


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