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Miri Nishri
Creation's Details
Title: The Red Cow
Year: 2001
Dimensions: 80x30 cm (inclusive)
Material: Color prints on paper



Seven photographs that are part of one work that attempts to touch the interface between the beginning and the end, between birth and death; childhood and beauty on the one hand, and the disintegration and the defective that are contained in beauty on the other. The encounters between flowers at the height of their flowering – orange freesia whose six petals are shaped like a Star of David – and flowers of death – Judah the Maccabee – express anxieties over potential physical and/or moral losses. An encounter between a baby’s outfit and flies that buzz the approaching end, between the beautiful and the defective, between growth and childhood and disintegration and decay. In the search for the possibility of coming close to the borders of sanctity, representing what cannot be represented – sanctity – I found the image of the red cow most appropriate. I enjoyed the purification ceremony that is based on the search for the perfect unblemished red cow used to restore harmony. (Numbers 19) The ceremony of the exchange, exchanging entities, the repair of defective to pure via a physical object is also about the artistic process – the attempts to reach a spiritual dimension by means of the exchanges that are made with the material.


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