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Dinu Mandrea
Creation's Details

Title: Untitled
Year: 2000
Dimensions: 80x120 cm
Material: Silver print, 20 x 30 cm



In my work with the camera in general, and in the works presented here as well, I am usually compelled to exaggerate the probing questions that relate to our existence as individuals and, at the same time, as members of society, for all that entails.
This is how I relate eternal questions to the concrete reality in which we live, and with an exploration of borders linger on the moment in the temple of doubt.

You may be able to hear the drums that beat in Africa
If you are close enough maybe you will also be successful in seeing everyone
Dancing before God People carving in stone and calling
Things by name Deciding this is mine and this is yours
But maybe you can see
The person above me holding the telephone mumbling walking to and fro
Opening a door Outside is a small girl a red mark
Walking up into a green bus sitting next to a man holding a booklet in hand
With closed eyes reading prayers that she does not understand opening
A window two soldiers in a procession of ants between one exhibit
And another marching into a structure
Someone open a window
All this was there
All the time
Maybe you can see.

(Revital Cohen)


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