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Iris Ezra-Tutnauer
Creation's Details
Title: Untitled
Year: 2001
Dimensions: 2x30x 30cm
Material: Steel, gold

Throughout Jewish history the borders of sanctity were dynamic. They were influenced by events in different periods, and by the multitude of approaches to sanctity within our multifaceted nation.
In this work I tried to conjure up my feelings about the existing dynamics of the borders of sanctity.

I chose gold and steel to represent the holy and the not holy, respectively. Gold is a soft and heavy metal, the most majestic and shiny of all metals, both chemically and socially, and it withstands corrosion.
Steel, in contrast, is a strong metal, most plentiful – important for its usefulness – which tends to corrode.
Using these materials I created an object of flat strips, narrow and short, laid one upon the other, defining the shape of a square. The gold bands are placed together at the center of the object and the steel bands surround the object.
The border created between them is meant to be sharp and clear. However, I created a graduated transition that dulls the border between the metals, in other words, between the holy and the not holy.
When one touches the object it changes and something else is created: the gold spreads over the steel or is covered by the steel or the borders of the square become obscured. The object changes form. A dialogue is created between the gold and the steel.
And thus, in spite of the borders, or perhaps because of them, the holiness remains majestic and glowing and does not corrode.

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