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Joshua (Shuky) Borkovsky
Creation's Details

Title: Chandelier - Mirror Reflection
Year: 1996-1997
Dimensions: 80x120 cm. (diptych)
Material: Oil and gold leaf on linnen



The diptych, “Chandelier - Mirror Reflection,” is from the cycle of paintings with the same name from the years 1996-1997. Light is the central image. This painting is a show of light, its refraction and reflection. The section on the right (the dark) of the painting is like a mirror that gathers light into it. The more the observer lingers over the work, the more fully the light is revealed – creating light from the darkness. The second part of the painting (monochrome silver leaves) creates the image of a mirror gleaming in the light which at the same time becomes a source of light. The golden leaves in the painting are matter and light and at the same time they are matter in light and light in matter. The gleaming blinding light in this part of the painting creates a contrast and a completion to the concealed light in the other part.

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