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Einat Arif-Galanti & Yossi Galanti
Creation's Details
Title: In Between
Year: 2003
Dimensions: 35x160cm (triptych)
Material: Photograph



In the work, In Between, we investigate several issues relating to aspects of light and matter. To do so we employ photography as a junction point between the two. Photography unifies the two substances into an image. There are parallels between the act of photography and Judaism, which through its practices wishes to bring together the spiritual and the worldly. Our work is a triptych of photographs that were taken as part of a wider project that researches the interconnections between the land of Israel, Israelis and the Jewish religion. This is done within a single frame and by creating a syntax that will convey both the scenery and the concept.
The combination of the rainbow, the sheep and the sacred book represents three aspects of Jewish culture and offers many readings and interconnections. Each photograph was taken under different light conditions that make it possible to use the language of photography in a variety of ways. The rainbow represents Spirit, the natural phenomena in which light and matter meet and create the stunning effect of the visual electromagnetic spectrum. This is the sign that was chosen by God to symbolize the covenant between God and “all living creatures, all flesh that is on the earth.” (Genesis 9:16)
The sacred book and the sacred written words are symbols of human thought. In Jewish tradition, the religious book is considered a source of inner light. This light continues to radiate even without the reader. The title of this book exhibited here is Zevachim Tractate (laws of animal offerings) from the Babylonian Talmud. Crowded under artificial light are the sheep in a poor industrial environment which can be seen as either the Jewish nation that went “as sheep to the slaughterhouse”, or as the sacrifice that when burnt metamorphosed from the material to the spiritual.

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